Our services

Whether you’re wanting architect services for your own home, or you're responsible for creating or refurbishing commercial, industrial or public infrastructure, we can help.

You may know exactly what you want, or not. We don't make assumptions, we listen, and we tailor our service to suit you and the requirements of your site.

6 stages

The architect services we offer generally follow the 6 stages below. You may only need a few of these, or a lot.

We help you choose what's required and can modify service levels at any stage.

DLA team on site with Livingstone's

Scoping + concept design

Initially we meet at your place or ours and gather the information from you to create a project brief. This outlines the specifics of your project as well as our level of service. From there we prepare a concept design for the project that addresses your brief, as well as the territorial authority and regulatory requirements surrounding the project and the site.

Renders + 3d modelling

To help you visualise your project we can model anything and everything - from a simple bathroom vanity to a multi-storey, mixed-use commercial development and everything in between. We can keep these renders conceptual or photo-realistic.  You choose.

Developed design

This stage involves the development of the approved concept design to a greater level of detail and incorporates design input from other consultants (if engaged). During this phase the buildability of the project is addressed, high level estimates are prepared, materials and finishes are selected, and all are presented for your approval.

Drawings + specifications

Once the developed design is locked and loaded, we flesh out more detail. This phase involves the preparation of working drawings and specifications, including input from other consultants (if engaged) to a level that forms the basis for a building consent application and pricing.

Pricing + procurement

Here we release our drawings and specifications out to tender to building contractors for accurate pricing. If required, we can engage a third party quantity surveyor to keep the budget in check. Depending on your project we can also advise on the best contract procurement method.

Project observation

If you wish, we can be the key interface with the building contractor and oversee the contract works to ensure work is carried in accordance with the drawings and specifications. We will make periodic site visits, respond to client enquiries, provide the contractor with technical interpretation of the contract documents, review and certify progress payments and provide financial reporting.