Happy 50th to us


What fabulous things happened this year?

The Rubik's cube was invented by Ernő Rubik, a Hungarian professor of Architecture. He finally solved it weeks after he invented it!

The British Commonwealth Games, known as "the friendly games", was held in Christchurch, New Zealand with theme song "Join Together" by Steve Allen.

Bruce Dickson (retired) and the late Barry Lonergan founded Dickson Lonergan Architects (DLA) in Whanganui, they entered the residential market and our journey began ...

The teenage years

Initial struggles lead to innovative ventures, including low-cost housing and dollhouse designs.

Branching into commercial projects, schools, and churches expands their portfolio.

Advocacy for heritage preservation gains prominence in the 1980s.

Successful campaigns save significant buildings like Purnell House and the Rutland Hotel.

Contributions to St. George’s School and Wanganui Collegiate School projects earn national recognition.

Directors at UCOL 2010

Boys to men

1999 expansion to Wellington and Tauranga in the mid-90s due to increased project demand.

National involvement in projects, including food processing plants, housing complexes, and city revitalisation.

Recognition in the dairy industry with a focus on building standards and design consistency.

Dickson Lonergan Architects became a key player in New Zealand's architectural landscape, marked by innovation and commitment to high standards.

2004 30th birthday celebrations
2005 Timaru

cake 30th

Full steam ahead

2009 DLA name change?
2010 Hamilton
2015 Auckland
2022 Tauranga

Future focus

2024 and beyond

Looking to the future, Glenn, Martin and Alana envision specialisation in ________________, a focus on __________________________, and ______________________.

Despite the changing architectural landscape, they remain dedicated to hands-on practices and are enthusiastic about the next 50 years of architectural endeavors.